The Mayor’s momentous dig into new territory comes at a time of great excitement for developer, Highwood Homes. In October, news was welcomed that Eastleigh Council’s Planning Committee has granted planning consent for three applications to bring the number of new dwellings at the Park to 1100 much-needed homes.

The Stage Two application referred to 514 dwellings, Stage Three for 39 and Stage Four sought approval for 18 new homes; all applications representing a significant chapter in this remarkable new community’s progress.

These new homes will include a stunning range of one to five-bedroom beautiful apartments and houses that will solve the area’s housing shortfall as identified in the Council’s five-year plan. The project will also answer the call for affordable housing in the area, with a generous 35% allocation given by Highwood to affordable homes.

‘We’re delighted that the Council’s Planning Committee has viewed our applications favourable,’ commented Simon Beech, Director of Highwood Homes. ‘ Throughout the process we’ve engaged and collaborated closely with local residents and the Council to ensure the impact North Stoneham Park has on the local community is positive and will enhance the lives of everyone living on and around the site.’