Part Exchange

If you’re worried about selling your existing home, why not talk to us about our Part Exchange scheme. It’s a straightforward, flexible way of securing a new Highwood home at North Stoneham Park without having to worry about putting your property on the market.

Imagine, no more agonising over viewing arrangements, no more stress about how the housing chain is progressing and no more threats of financial delays that could completely disrupt your purchase.

What’s more, we’ll even meet the cost of your estate agent’s fees – and that’s welcome news when you’re trying to make your move as affordable as possible.

Our Part Exchange scheme has been designed to help you secure your new home at a guaranteed price while an offer for the current market value on your home is made quickly and without fuss. Offers are usually made within just a few days of the valuation and, from there, the moving process can continue without delay. 

Part Exchange – take the worry out of selling your current home and take a step closer to a new home at North Stoneham Park.

Part Exchange – your questions answered

If you want to get your move off to a great start, simply click to find out more about our Part Exchange scheme.

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