The key final element in the Park’s community

‘This is the key final element in the Park’s community that will now cater for the very young, who will be accommodated in the local centre’s new nursery and school facilities, to the elderly. The development will also deliver a raft of social, economic and environmental benefits – as well as enhancing the neglected former Coach House and Listed wall areas, a fabulous new woodland walk and arboretum will be established as part of an extensive landscaping strategy.

‘The local economy will also benefit through increased local spend from the Park’s growing community and, of course, the creation of some 140 jobs that will come as a welcome boost for the area.’

Life-changing benefits for the elderly and the wider community

Paul Jackson, Director of Sales, Marketing and Development at Cinnamon Retirement Living, was also quick to highlight the benefits of high-quality care provision.

‘The difficulties older people are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the clear benefit of living in a specialised retirement community’. ‘These communities have come into their own in recent months thanks to the care and support that’s already in place for those who are self-isolating. From meals being provided to regular courtesy calls and contact with the on-site support team, we’re helping to reduce the potential exposure to infection and feelings of isolation.

‘Another important factor is that this retirement development isn’t a gated community – it will very much be part of the wider community. Our residents love to integrate with outside groups so, as operators, we give them the space and support they need to develop their interests and make an active contribution to the communities they live in. These represent lifechanging benefits for our elderly residents and Stoneham Care Village is undoubtedly well-placed to support them to do this.’

Following the success of Highwood’s care home planning application, construction is expected to begin at the Park later this summer.