North Stoneham Park is set in 120 acres of parkland, rich green open spaces and pathways that dogs love – we’ve already welcomed lots of new pups and owners who have decided the Park is the place for their best friend to be and it’s great to see them exploring their new territory.

It’s important to remember that dogs can be very sensitive to stress and easily pick up on anxiety you might be feeling as you make preparations for your move, so it’s good to know there are some simple steps you can take to keep them calm and ready to settle in on the big day.

Your Dog Advisor is a trusted authority on dogs and how to care for them and they’ve come up with some great tips for a stress-free house move for your four-legged friend.

On the run-up to the move

 It’s worth considering some advanced conditioning for very nervous dogs and seeing if you can make a pre-move visit to the new house – depending on their temperament, consider getting your dog looked after by someone you know during the move. Try not to unsettle their routine too much, try to keep calm yourself and, on the day of the move, keep them secure and make sure they’re ready for a road trip. Calming resources such as a thundershirt, Adaptil diffusers and collars, calming sprays, treats and supplements can all help to reduce your dog’s stress.


When you’re in your new home

 Once you’re in, make sure your dog’s routine remains familiar and they have things around them they recognise. Offer them comfort, reassurance and playtimes while building up to leaving them alone in the house. Don’t forget potty breaks or remembering to ensure they have lots of distractions and enrichments to keep them focussed. It’s also really important to pet proof your new home and garden and to update their collar tag and microchip details in case they escape or get lost.

Get to know your new neighbours and find out if there are any local regulations regarding dogs to consider – you may want to keep your dog on a lead during those first early walks too. If you’re thinking about hosting a housewarming party, it could be a stressful scenario too far, so watch for any signs of anxiety – in essence, just keep things calm in those first weeks.

Above all, be patient – it won’t be long before your dog is happy, settled and enjoying your new home and looking forward to sniffing their way around the Park.

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