The plan to complete the road upgrade with as little an impact on traffic flow will come as welcome relief for Eastleigh’s road users as will the lack of any road restrictions or traffic management during the first phase.

The North Stoneham Park roadworks timeline

12th February: Widening works will commence at the Stoneham Lane/Chestnut Avenue roundabout. The first three weeks’ work will be carried out on the carriageway itself so traffic flow will be unaffected. Traffic management is expected to begin in May on a date to be confirmed.

16th February: Construction of the new Lakeside roundabout that will be sited opposite the new Stoneham Park entrance will commence. Work will initially take place off the carriageway.

End of March: Work on the new Concorde Club roundabout and entrance to North Stoneham Park will commence and will also take place off the carriageway to begin with.

These works will provide enhanced access to various areas in and around North Stoneham Park, including the Monk’s Brook playing fields where a stunning new football hub will be situated. New cycleways and pathways will run the length of Stoneham Lane and improve the safety of local cyclists and pedestrians as well as provide a much-needed transport link to Southampton. These improvements, together with more than 1000 trees that will be planted across the site will enrich the new development with beautiful avenues and green spaces for everyone living in and around the Park to enjoy.