Harvest Festival

A harvest celebration will be held on Sunday 11th October and over that weekend, St Nics will be promoting the work of Basics Bank, a charitable foodbank in Eastleigh. You’ll soon be seeing collection points around the Park for food donations, which will be collected daily and given to the Basics Bank. Read more about Eastleigh Basics Bank here.

Church improvement works

Although St Nics has been closed for a while, work is underway to make the building more welcoming. The entrance will be more accessible, an insulated roof to keep the warmth in and new toilets will be installed and the internal layout will become more flexible to suit the different activities that take place.

St Nics on social

Due to the Covid restrictions, most of the church’s interaction with the community is taking place on social media. Although restrictions are gradually easing with weddings and funerals taking place with limited numbers, St Nics holds regular – and very popular Facebook Live events as Revd. Jono explains.

‘It’s great so see so many people and families joining us on Facebook Live and Zoom,’ he says. ‘We get together on Sundays at 8am over breakfast for and then again at 4pm. We want to welcome as many people as possible in time for Christmas so that, along with the building works that are taking place, our current and future generations continue to have a safe and friendly church community to be part of.’

Find out more about St Nics here, or follow the church @stnicnorthstoneham on Facebook.