The 5 top things a first-time buyer needs to know

Buying your first home inevitably means embarking on a learning curve as you navigate the process that will take you from property search to moving-in day. As you promise to never do it again or to do it very differently next time, the challenges that any house move presents should lessen with experience.

Welcome news then that My Home Move have taken the experiences of 700 homeowners from across the country and asked them to pass on the lessons they learned and the one thing they wished they’d known before they bought their first property.

These are their top 5 answers:

1. What work needed doing to the property (16%)

2. How much the work would cost (15%)

3. More details about what’s involved in the legal process (13%)

4. Look for a home you could ‘grow into’ and add value to (11%)

5. Shop around for mortgages (11%)

With so many factors to consider when buying your first home, it’s clear the key is to take time to research as much as possible about the conveyancing process and the timescales involved and to take heed from those who’ve shared their experiences. All this should certainly help first-time buyers stress less and feel more in control over their first foray into the property market.