Happy community – happy family

The top 10 benefits of raising a family in a community space.

Earlier this year The Telegraph published an article that compared the happiness of Dutch children with those in other countries*. A 2013 Unicef report had rated Dutch children ‘the happiest in the world’, compared with the UK’s position at a just 16th.

 In each of the main categories of material wellbeing, health and safety, education, behaviours and risks and housing and environment, the Dutch scored highest. The main reason: Dutch children enjoy freedoms others are denied and a sense of togetherness that those who might be isolated from their community will struggle to experience.

There are numerous benefits of raising a family in a community space – here’s a top 10 for everyone with a quest for happy family life.

 Parents and children generally feel safer living with in a community setting.


  1. Communities with good local childcare and education help youngsters and their families form close bonds with their neighbours.
  2. Children are more likely to be trusted to ride their bikes to school on their own.
  3. Children are more likely to play outside unsupervised.
  4. Playing outside unsupervised is a rite of passage that encourages them to be independent and self-reliant.
  5. Children raised in a community where they can easily observe how adults behave makes them more socially aware, outgoing and confident.
  6. Children aren’t just segregated into same-age groups – they socialise and play with children of other ages who live close by.
  7. When the children are able to play elsewhere within the community, parents have more time to themselves.
  8. There’s more opportunity for children to spend time with their parents when social circles are formed close to home.
  9. Family time spent within a community space tends to be more simple, fulfilling and less expensive than costly trips further afield.

 With so many rewards to be reaped by raising a family in such a setting, like quality time over money, happiness over fear and great social experiences and learning for all, it’s easy to see why a relocation to a community space could be the best move you’ll make.