How to achieve the showhome look in your new home

You’ve found your perfect location, explored all your options and fallen in love with a brand new home that’s ticked all the boxes. But what was is that really drew you in and sealed the deal?

The chances are, if this house of dreams is on a new residential development, you’ve visited the showhome and the interior styling and finishing touches have created just the ambience you crave and the air of comfort, luxury and pizzazz you’ve always wanted to achieve in your own home.

So, how can you recreate the showhome look yourself? Open Door Interiors is the expert in interior design solutions and is often called upon to create standout showhome interiors and to wow potential househunters by showing them exactly what’s possible with the right approach.

Open Door Interiors knows how difficult it can be for a buyer to visualise themselves living in a home when all they can see are four walls and lots of empty space. Open Door uses a variety of techniques to give a showhome a real identity and all the warmth and character needed to ensure every visitor can imagine the house as a home of their own.

When it came to the high profile North Stoneham Park development, long discussions were had with Highwood, the developer, which took into account the vision a prospective purchaser would want to experience. Highwood wanted the interior scheme to reflect the affordable luxury that could be achieved with young families in mind. The history of the Park and its surroundings were also key to the look and feel – if you visit the showhome at North Stoneham Park, you’ll see the beautiful deer motif wallpaper in the downstairs cloakroom that hints at the history of the former deer park setting.

The experts at Open Door Interiors also have an ethos of incorporating the five senses into an effective interior scheme. At the Park’s showhome you’ll see a vase of flowers and eye-catching artwork when you enter the house, you’ll hear music playing softly in the background and you’ll get the scent of warm diffusers that create a calming atmosphere throughout the building. As you walk through the lounge you’ll touch the different textures of the fabrics and furniture finishes and the opening cookery books and bowls of fruit in the kitchen will appeal to your sense of taste.

If you’re getting close to buying a new home and want to recreate the same stunning look with the same warmth, character and impact you felt in the showhome, consider your setting and its past and create a scheme that will appeal to the senses in every room.