Experience the North Stoneham Park vision in breathtaking virtual reality

If you’d like to see how the long-awaited North Stoneham Park community is being bought to life, you can now experience it first-hand thanks to two exciting virtual tours that you can access on the Park website.

Simply visit The Vision and embark on an animated journey of discovery to see how this wonderful new community, its rich parkland and lush green spaces are coming together – without even leaving your home.

An incredible virtual fly-though will take you through the Park as if you were walking or driving around it yourself while a virtual Panotour will give you a realistic feel for the beautiful landscape and show how the new homes will all sit within it. You can even use your mouse or smartphone to control your journey as you explore the Park and pause to zoom in to view the different house types and road layouts.  You can even capture still images along the way to save for later and get a lifelike perspective in virtual reality mode to see what life might be like at the Park for you.

If you’d like a sense of scale and to see how the new community, its homes and places of interest sit within the development, visit the interactive map at The Park and click and drag the map for a superb bird’s-eye view.


All the information you need about the Park is on the website at northstonehampark.co.uk and, with the release of the first phase of new homes now underway, there’s never been a better time to take a closer look.