Avenue Park

An idyllic setting with historic features, quaint footpaths and picturesque lakes

Avenue Park is home to some of North Stoneham Park’s most historic features, all carefully safeguarded within this idyllic setting. History tells its stories via the beautiful, ancient walled garden that has been meticulously preserved and restored with new walkways that link the landscape to Avenue Park’s new homes. The war memorial that was built by John Willis Fleming to commemorate the lives of both his son and the other parishioners who died in the First World War also sits on the fringe of Avenue Park.

Two picturesque fishing lakes that offer hours of superb coarse angling sit at the other side of the walled garden and are reached by quaint footpaths that weave through the natural habitat that surrounds the entire Avenue Park area. Three new safe and secure play areas adjoin Avenue Park as well as Homewood Park and offer hours of fun for young children who relish the nature and mystery of this beautiful woodland setting.

Eco habitats and historic areas for everyone to enjoy

To the north of Avenue Park is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC), which is home to a rich ecology and the cattle that roam as free today as they did centuries ago when North Stoneham Park was one of the South’s most celebrated country estates.

Today, a wonderful collection of new homes at Avenue Park sits within this carefully considered design scheme with its green infrastructure, ecologically sensitive habitat and historic areas that will remain protected for many years to come.

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