Embark on a journey of discovery and share the breathtaking vision of North Stoneham Park

The Park is a truly special place – a place where spectacular landscapes and a captivating history serves as the backdrop of this new community of beautiful homes and superb local amenities. Now it’s time to see how we’ve bought it to life…

See it all on a virtual fly-through

Take a journey across the Park with a stunning virtual fly-through that’ll take you through its hamlets of Avenue Park, Chestnut Place and Home Wood and give you a taste of just how wonderful life can be when you make the Park your home.

This animation is purely for illustrative purposes only.

Embark on a virtual tour

Experience the Park in all its glory with an incredible virtual tour that will guide you through its lush green spaces, parkland and the places where new homes and a new community of people are coming together perfectly. See it all with a 360º perspective while you zoom, pan, scan and pause to savour everything the Park has to offer.

View the panotour >>

This animation is purely for illustrative purposes only.

If you really want to see what life is like at the Park, get an authentic feel for the beautiful landscapes and green open spaces and understand how the new homes sit within them all, click on the image above and take a virtual Panotour. Use your mouse or smartphone screen to control your journey as you wind your way around the site, pausing and zooming in to view the different house types and road layouts, capturing still images along the way and even entering virtual reality mode to get an incredibly lifelike perspective.

 You’ll also find an interactive map on the The Park page, which will give you a clear idea of where the new homes are set within the different areas of the Park and, with just a click, provide more information about the site’s places of interest.